7 Signs your child is bullied at day camp and what you can do about it

Bullying is inevitable in any setting, evenday camp. Children who attend day camp and are being bullied will show certain signs that parents should watch out for. You want your child to enjoy their experience at camp, making friends and having fun, instead of feeling left out or picked on. By learning the signs to look for, you can help your child build confidence and move past the bullying situation as well as interfere if needed.

No Longer Wanting to go to Camp

One sign that your child is being bullied is that they no longer want to go to camp. If your child is being picked on, they may begin to show signs that they are no longer interested in summer camp. If your child suddenly changes their mind about camp, they are most likely being affected in some way at camp.

Acting Differently

Perhaps your child is acting differently when they arrive home from day camp Is your child more withdrawn? Does she seem upset? If you notice a change in how they are acting or if they are no longer talking about what they enjoyed at camp, there is most likely something wrong.

Not Being Involved in Camp Activities

Talk to the camp counselor often. Is your child taking an active role in activities? If you find that your child is avoiding certain sports or activities that they normally enjoy, then they are most likely avoiding someone, possibly a bully.

Personal belongings broken

Take note of any personal items your child takes to camp. Are backpacks coming back extra dirty or items being broken? If so, this could be a sign that you child is being bullied. Bullies like to take items of their victims, throwing back packs in the mud or breaking art supplies.

Emotional outbursts

Have you noticed that your child is acting out at home, in a way that is not normal to their behavior? Many children who are bullied will act out at home as a way to let go of the anger they are feeling inside due to being bullied. If you find your child is lashing out at home, sit down and have a conversation to find out what the problem is.

The main goal is to keep in open communication with your child and their camp counsellor. At Zodiac Day Camp we strive to maintain an environment for your child to enjoy camp and get the most fun out of the everyday activities.  We have counsellors that are always monitoring the campers and if they see any instances of bullying will handle it as quickly as possible, so that your child will enjoy their camp experience.


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