3 Ways to Raise a Leader

The term leadership can be hard to define. In essence, the term means to guide or influence. All parents want their children to be leaders not followers. But how do you raise your child to be a leader? There are certain steps that parents can take that will help a child develop leadership skills that will be used later on in life to be successful. Read on to find our top three tips on teaching your child to lead, not follow.

Support Independent Thinking

To begin, parents need to support independent thinking. This does not mean letting your child do whatever they desire. It means that children need to be allowed to experience things. A leader will be willing to take an intellectual risk and will be independent thinking. Allow your child to make decisions on their own but guide them in the decision making process. Consider this. Your child is attending a Toronto day camp.

They are enjoying playing basketball but continues to have trouble dribbling the ball. An independent thinker will be willing to keep going, taking chances in order to reach a final goal. By supporting your child in everything they do, they have the confidence to keep going and figure out a way to meet the end goal. An independent thinker would ask for assistance to become better at dribbling the ball, essentially ending up with better ball handling skills.

Setting Goals

A good leader will set goals and follow through by reaching the goal. From a young age, it is important to help your child learn about goals. Encourage your child to participate in a variety of activities or teach about goals in other ways. Show your child how you set a goal and reach it. It takes hard work and dedication but pays off in the end. Enrolling your child in leadership camps will help them to better understand the goal setting process and how to follow steps in order to reach the goal. Set a good example by setting goals of your own and meeting them, talking to your child along the way as you go through the process.

Being Involved

For your child to be a leader, they need to be involved. Enroll your child is day camps that specialize in sports such as swimming or basketball. Your child will learn about goal setting, working with a team and hopefully emerge as a leader. You want your child to be able to interact well with others and reach common goals, all of which is done by attending such camps.

In the teenage years, kids can enroll in leadership camps such as learning first aid or becoming a certified lifeguard. Learning such skills are essential to build strong leadership skills in your child. Helping others as well as learning leadership skills will help your child be a successful adult.

To learn more about leadership camp options in Toronto, contact Zodiac Day Camp today. Your child can enroll in specialties that will help foster these skills including leadership experience and training (L.E.A.D) and counsellor-in-training (C.I.T) programs.


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