Building Confidence: How Day Camps Can Turn Your Child Into A Social Butterfly

Many children tend to be shy and often afraid to interact with others. For parents, this can be difficult to deal with. We all want our children to be social and make friends easily. But sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. At school, kids may stick to themselves or find it hard to approach others to make friends. Thankfully, day camps are an option that help kids learn how to make friends and become more social, all the while enjoying new activities and events.

How Day Camps Can Be Used to Change Awkward Social Behavior

You may be wondering why day camps are effective in helping with awkward social behavior. For starters, day camps consist of small groups of children in the same age range with the same interests. Enroll your child in a Toronto day camp setting with an emphasis on sports, and your child will meet kids their own age with the same interests. When a child is in a smaller group with kids who are enjoying similar activities, they will feel more comfortable talking and interacting with others.

A child that is interested in the arts will open up to other children with the same interests more readily than they would in a school setting. A typical day at camp consists of a variety of activities where children are asked questions and must work together to reach common goals. Working with others will help your child open up to making friends and becoming more social.

Social Anxiety is a Fear

For many children, having a social anxiety is associated with fear. Children are afraid of what others will think of them or worry about saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. When children are in the company of peers their own age, enjoying activities they are interested in, this fear can dissipate. The child will begin to feel a comfort level and want to speak out to the other kids.

If your child tends to be shy, enroll them in a day camp. Encourage them to get to know other campers by talking about the activity for the day or simply introducing themselves. You can even talk to the camp counselors about your child’s social awkwardness. The counselor can help your child feel more comfortable in the camp and create activities where each camper has to work together. They also assist in fostering friendships between campers by leading the conversation, asking campers about what they like and asking other campers if they like similar things. This can motivate the child to speak more and become more involved.

Just remember to never push your child. The child should be able to move at their own pace and become comfortable with their environment. You will find that once your child is comfortable with the experience of camp, enjoying the fun activities, they will become more social and emerge from a cocoon, a new social butterfly instead of a shy caterpillar.

To learn more about various day camp options in Toronto, contact Zodiac Day Camp. At Zodiac, your child will have access to quality day camps with options to enjoy sports, the arts, outdoor fun and more. Find a camp for your child to become more social, making new friends and enjoying time spent with others.


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