Bright Ideas: 5 Summer Day Camp Programs Your Creative Child Would Love


Summer camp for kids is a great way to keep your child busy during the months when school is not in session. Children become bored rather easily when they do not have the strict scheduling involved in school. With summer camp, children can take part in structured activities that range from arts and crafts to swimming and more. The day will be filled with fun and your child will be able to make new friends and have a great time in the process. Children who have a creative personality need to be stimulated. The programs below are just a few examples of how your child can find a creative outlet while out of school during the summer months.

Music, Karaoke, Drums and More
Children who enjoy music and singing will love a camp that offers them an opportunity to do just that. Music Camp gives campers an opportunity to try various musical instruments or take drumming classes where they can drum along and create their own beats with their fellow cabin mates. Karaoke allows them to sing along to their favorite tunes as well as create audio recordings so they can listen to their creation later on.

Fashion design
Many creative children are interested in designing clothing. Perhaps your child enjoys sewing or hand stitching. Taking a fashion design class during summer camp can allow your child to be even more creative and enjoy learning more about fashion. Girls and boys will both enjoy learning more about clothing and how certain items are created.

Science and Robotics
One of the more popular summer camp for kids options for kids includes science and robotics. With this category, children will have access to the latest technology and be able to learn various skills as well as get hands on experience taking part in experiments. Watch as your child is opened to a whole new world of possibility as they learn more about scientific concepts including magnetics, hair raising devices and robotics, including hands-on building. These activities are quite appealing to creative children and help to teach as well as allow your child to explore.

Children who are creative may also love to cook. By choosing a summer day camp that includes a culinary class, your child will be able to learn how to prepare meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children learn how to measure ingredients properly and how to add ingredients to a recipe. It is always fun to see just what your child can learn as they cook in camp and how they can apply these skills in your home. You may find your child wants to cook, giving you a break from supper time duties.

Be Adventurous
You may find that your creative child would like to take advantage of more than one category of creativity. If so, such programs as the Zodiaction Adventures at Zodiac Day Camp is the perfect solution. This option includes activities from several sections of programs including Creative Kids, Mega Sports and Explore & Discover. This means your child has the option to enjoy sports such as rock climbing and archery, learn more about science and robotics as well as enjoy culinary and music classes.

To find out about various options available for summer day camps, contact Zodiac Day Camp. Zodiac can provide you with a variety of activities for your child to enjoy while out of school for the summer.



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