5 Super Cool Summer Camp Ideas For Creative Kids


When you have a creative child, they will constantly want to be active. Their mind races constantly and they feel the need to do something, all the while using their imagination or brain power. When you have a creative kid, you want their summer to be filled with fun and excitement. Summer camp for kids is a great way to keep your child busy and having fun. Because your child is creative, you will want to gear a camp selection based on their interests as well as to cultivate their creativity. Below are a few super cool options that your kids are sure to be interested in.

Kids who enjoy making movies or playing with the latest gadgets would love a summer camp dedicated to technology. You will find day camps are offered that focus on the latest electronics from computer programming to robotics. Search for tech options involving summer camp for kids to find the right option for your child based on their interest.

Arts & Crafts
If you find that your child uses their imagination to create arts & crafts, then this is the camp type for them. From jewelry making to paper mache, there are many ways to involve your child in a summer day camp that features such activities. Think about what your child likes to do. Do they like to paint?? Perhaps they enjoy sewing? Whatever your child’s favorite craft is, find a summer day camp that provides such activities so they can enjoy their interest and also build on creative skills.

Cooling Fun
The summer is a hot time of year and what better way to enjoy summer camp then with a splash. Many summer camps offer swimming facilities where your child can learn how to swim or build on their swimming skills. Find a summer camp that features swimming as an activity and know that your child will be cool all summer long!

Sports Oriented
If your child enjoys sports, a camp that is centered on physical activity would be your best bet. Such summer camps can provide activities like basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, rock climbing and more to keep your child active and having fun. Think about the sports your child enjoys and find a camp that offers a nice selection.

Music and Dance
Many creative children enjoy activities that will allow them to move and express themselves. If this is your child, sign them up for a day camp that offers dance and music. Your child will have the opportunity to learn new skills, dance styles and routines, explore different types of music and musical instruments along with making friends with other children who have similar interests.

Overall, it is important to choose a summer camp that fits the personality of your child. Remember their interests and allow them to be involved in the selection process so that they are comfortable attending the camp during the summer months. Contact Zodiac Day Camp to find out what camps will be offered this summer and sign your child up for something they will enjoy!


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