7 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A Summer Day Camp


Summer day camp is an option for children who need an activity to keep them busy once school has ended. There are so many summer day camp options to choose from that it can be difficult for parents to know which camp to choose. Mistakes can be made which can leave you spending too much money, your child miserable and make it difficult getting your child to camp. Read on below to discover more of what to look for and what to avoid when trying to choose a summer day camp for your child.

Keep Interests in Mind
The first mistake that a parent can make when it comes to summer day camp is keeping the child’s interests in mind. If your child enjoys swimming, then a swim camp would be a great option. Think about the interests of your child to make the right decision. Never sign your child up for camp with an activity they will not enjoy.

The Price of Camp
You must also consider the price of camp. Different day camps will have a different price point. You want to be able to afford the camp cost. Find out how much camp will cost on a weekly or monthly basis. Be sure this is a price point you can afford so your child can go for the duration.

Time Frame of Camp
The time frame in which the camp will take place should also be considered. Sometimes parents sign kids up for day camp and then realize that they must scramble to find transportation for their child due to work conflicts. Be sure to know the pick-up and drop-off times and if they offer extended hours if needed.

Age Group
The age group of the day camp should also be considered. You want to enroll your child in a camp that includes children of their age group. You want your child to be able to make new friends and have an enjoyable experience, which will easily be done when they are surrounded by children their own age.

Pushing Your Child
Remember to not push your child to enjoy camp. Sometimes kids do not enjoy particular activities. If you find that your child is having a difficult time at camp, even after giving it a go, consider another option. You may need to enroll your child in a different camp to find the right activity they enjoy.

Not Listening to Your Child
Be sure to listen to what your child says after camp. Are they enjoying themselves? Is everything alright, such as getting along with other children? If a problem exists, address it so that your child can have an enjoyable experience at day camp.

Negative Comments
Avoid making negative comments about camp. You may not like certain aspects of the camp or counselors while your child is perfectly happy. You may also miss your child while they are away. Voicing your opinion in a negative manner can result in your child having a negative experience at camp. Talk positively about camp so your child will be ready to enjoy the experience.

To learn more about day camp options, contact Zodiac Day Camp. Offering a wide range of camps, Zodiac can provide your child with the best activities during the summer months.


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