Winter Swimming Lesson Tips


Winter may not be the season when most parents feel their children should be learning how to swim but it is actually an excellent time to sign up for swimming programs. Facilities that offer swimming programs for winter will provide your child with a smaller class and more one-on-one time with the instructor. Your child will be able to start fresh and be ready for the summer swimming season or be able to carry on their lessons after starting during the summer or fall months.

The winter time is often thought of as a season when one should not get in the water. However, facilities today offer temperature controlled settings that make it easy for kids to enjoy swimming. The water is the perfect temperature and as long as you dress warmly when you arrive and head home, your child will remain comfortable. Below are a few tips to help you prepare for swimming programs for winter to maximize the potential for learning.

  • Sign up Early

When winter is near, swimming facilities will begin to promote their winter programs. Classes will be small but be sure to sign up early if you can. You may be able to save money on the lessons fee as you are an early sign-up for the program. It will also secure a spot for your child in the class.

  • Pump Up Your Child for Lessons

Your child will be excited to hear they get to go swimming in the winter time. Prepare your child for the lessons by talking about how fun it will be and how cool it is to swim when it is cold outside. Talking about the lessons will help your child be excited to learn how to swim or expand on their swimming skills.

  • Dress Warmly

Be sure that you dress warmly when heading to the swimming pool. Have your child wear their winter clothing and change into their bathing suit at the facility. When leaving, change out of the bathing suit and dry hair the best you can. Dress warmly when leaving so that your child is comfortable as the winter time temperatures can be a bit chilly.

  • Teach Your Child to Speak Up

Before the lessons begin, consider talking to your child about what they will be learning. From beginner strokes to the more advanced, it will help your child to know what they are getting into. It is also helpful to tell your child to speak up during the lesson. If they do not understand a technique, have them ask the instructor to help. It is important to teach your child that it is okay to ask for guidance or assistance when they do not understand something. This will ensure they are able to learn appropriately and be ready for swimming. You will rest easy knowing they will be safe while swimming during the summer months for fun.
To learn more about swimming programs for the winter months, contact Zodiac Swim School. The swimming lessons at Zodiac will prepare your child to be safe in the water while also have fun!


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