Choosing A Day Camp That Offers Active Activities And The Importance Of Physical Literacy


Kids have a ton of energy. Any parent will agree that kids have energy for days and need to be able to stay active in order to release the energy they possess. A great way for kids to stay busy, especially during the summer months, is with a day camp. Day camps come in a variety of subjects from swimming to gymnastics and more. Children can register for such camps and be active, spending their energy, all the while becoming more physical literate.

The Importance of Physical Literacy
Physical literacy is very important but for most parents, this is an unfamiliar term. Physical literacy is a term used to describe the ability to master the necessary movement skills as well as sports skills. Being able to master such movements allows a child to interpret the scenery around them and make decisions appropriately. For example, children do not automatically know how to catch a ball. This is a physical skill that is learned. Once learned, a child can easily adapt to a situation in which they might be in danger. If a ball were to fly at them all of a sudden during school hours, the child would automatically reach to catch the ball, avoiding injury.

It is important to be physically fit and know how to move the body correctly. With day camps that feature sports and activities, children can learn sports movements and be better equipped for everyday life, not to mention have fun in the process!

Choosing a Day Camp
To keep your child busy and happy, choose a day camp that your child will enjoy. Swimming school for kids is a great example. With toddler swimming lessons, a small child is able to enjoy the water and learn physical skills. The child will be taught how to tread water, float and a host of other physical activities associated with swimming. The child will feel comfortable in the water and have fun enjoying the activity with other children.

While your child will see this as a fun outing, you can see the physical literacy benefits. You can rest assured that your child knows how to swim and will be safe in the water. They will be able to naturally react in a given situation based on the skills they learn from toddler swimming lessons.

This is just one example of day camps that your child can enjoy. Learn what is offered in your area to keep your child active and learn life skills along the way. Be sure to choose a camp that will work around your busy schedule as well as be a subject of interest to your child. Discuss camp options with your kids to see what they might be interested in. Make the choice of camp a family event to let everyone be involved in the decision making process to make the camp experience even more fun. To learn more about children’s day camps and activities, contact Zodiac Day Camp today.


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