Why Parents Send Their Children To Camp (Testimonials)


Summer programs for kids are the perfect way to keep children busy while school is not in session. After school lets out for the summer months, kids can easily become bored and need something to occupy their time. Day camps for kids are a great way to integrate activities, provide ways of making new friends and just allow children to have fun during the summer. Below are a few testimonials from parents as they share why they send their children to camp each and every year.

David’s Testimony
David is a single dad of three girls who sends his children to camp each and every year. He has found that his children love to interact with others at camp who have similar interests in arts and crafts. David’s girls are 5, 7 and 10 years of age, each enjoying the experience that summer programs for kids can provide. David has found that his children are more vocal and outgoing after going to camp and interacting with other children as well as the counselors. His girls enjoy the activities provided as they are staying active during the boring summer months with the lack of school scheduling.

Grandma Martha’s Testimony
Grandma Martha has two young grandchildren, both boys, who are very rambunctious. The boys love to play outside and get dirty and Grandma Martha has trouble keeping up sometimes. To provide activities for her grandsons, Grandma Martha enrolls the boys in day camps for kids. The day camps provide outdoor activities, which the boys love, such as swimming and archery. Grandma Martha gets a break from the hectic pace of the boys while the boys enjoy spending their energy outside with others their age. As a grandparent, it can be difficult to play and interact with growing children. Day camp allows children to expend their energy and grandparents can provide love and support once they are tired after a long day of activity.

Sarah’s Shy Daughter
Sarah is a mom of one daughter, age 8. Sarah’s daughter has been having trouble overcoming her shyness and making friends. Sarah thought it would be a good idea to have her daughter attend one of the local summer programs for kids. She thought this would be a great way for her daughter to overcome being shy and hopefully make a few friends in the process. Sarah’s daughter loved the craft activities at camp and eventually was able to make a couple of new friends once she felt comfortable talking to other campers. Sarah feels that giving her daughter an outlet for her creativity and doing so with others who are like-minded allowed her daughter to come out of her shell and be more open to others.

To learn more about day camp options for kids and how your child can benefit, contact Zodiac Kids today. The day camp group offers several alternatives for day camp and summer programs to keep your child busy for hours each day. Contact Zodiac Day Camp to learn more.


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