10 Skills To Teach Your Child Before Sending Them To Camp


So your child is going away to summer camp, how exciting! If this is your child’s first time to go to summer camp, you will want to make sure you go over a few life skills to ensure their time at camp is a pleasant one. Most parents overlook a few key factors that must be discussed with the child to ensure summer programs for kids are safe and enjoyable. Read on below to see just what you should discuss with your child before heading off to camp.

Be Aware of The Outdoors
To get started, you want your child to be aware of the outdoors. This can include knowing what creatures are present in the area and how to respond if approached. Many camps are located in primitive areas where wild animals are present and children need to know how to act if they come across such creatures.

Know Your Plant Life
Children heading off to day camps for kids must be aware of plant life. Children need to learn what poison oak and poison ivy are so they can avoid these plants at all cost. Day camp would be miserable for a child who has been exposed and developed a rash due to such plants.

Eating Correctly
Many kids may think that going away to a summer program for kids means eating whatever they want. This is how many kids end up with an upset tummy. Teach your child the proper way to eat while away at camp. They must know to avoid eating too much junk food and ensure breakfast, lunch and dinner are all consumed for proper nutrition.

Being Clean
It is also important to stress to your child about being clean. Taking a shower is important but something that is not really on most children’s to-do list. Talk with your child about being clean, going over that deodorant must be used each day, teeth are to be brushed etc., to ensure your child is clean while away.

Bug Care
Since camp will take place outdoors there will be bugs. Teach your child how to use mosquito spray and which bugs should be avoided such as spiders and red ants.

If your child takes medication regularly such as allergy medicine or perhaps Tylenol for a headache, they need to learn how to do so responsibly. Teach your child the proper dosage amounts as well as when to take such medicines while away from home.

Your child needs to know how to contact you. Teach them how to use a regular house phone as well as how to use a calling card if needed. Consider what methods of contact will be available at the camp.

Getting Help
Teach your child how and when to get help when it is needed. Go over emergency situations and what should be done during specific scenarios.

Cleaning Up
Remind your child that their bed at camp should be made, trash thrown away and their space should always be nice and tidy.

Be Open
Teach your child to be open to new experiences. Tell them to try something new and have fun in the process.

Check out Zodiac Day Camp to learn more about camping options and what your child needs to know before attending summer camp.


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