Where To Find Camp On Social Media And How To Use It


Social media has become a go-to for many things, such as catching up with old friends or finding local businesses. When it comes to finding a quality kid’s summer camp, social media sites can also be used. However, most parents have no idea how to use social media sites such as Facebook to find information about local summer camps. Below is a short guide on how to use this resource to your advantage.

Start with Google
To get started, you will need to find local camps in your area in which to search for on social media sites like Facebook. Start with Google and look up camp types in your area. If your child is interested in swimming, look for swim camps. Arts and crafts lovers will also find camps offered nearby or perhaps in the next city over. Once you find camps that seem appealing, make a list of each name and location. You will then be able to go on Facebook and use this information to find the camps Facebook page.

The best social media resource for kid’s summer camp information is Facebook. Take a look at your list and begin searching on Facebook for the camps you found. In most cases, the camp will have a Facebook page. You can then use the information on the Facebook page to ensure the camp has a good rating and to find out more about what the camp offers.

To get started, look at the left portion of the camp’s Facebook page. You should see a star rating. You want to use the star rating and read reviews on the camp. You can find out a lot about how the camp is received by reading reviews. Four and five star reviews will show that the camp is loved and is a great option for your kids.

Also look for the visitor posts section. This section will show you posts that have been made by others. You want to look for positive posts but also the negative. If you see a negative post, see if the camp responded. How the camp handles the negativity says a lot about the camp and its counselors.

View photos and status updates to get a feel for the camp. Photos should show kids enjoying the activities available as well as what the camp actually looks like. This can give you a better idea as to what to expect as well as give you something to show your children in regards to the camp.

Contact Directly
Once you have used Facebook to find a few summer camps of interest, contact the camps directly. Speak to the supervisor or owner of the camp to learn more. Use the information from the camps Facebook page to be able to ask any questions or bring up any concerns you have. Take notes so you can make a final decision on the right summer camp for your child.


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