Outdoor Education for your Outgoing Teenager

Outdoor Education for your Outgoing Teenager

There is an old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”… well, that’s very true, as play is key to physical, social, and mental fitness.

Today, many children spend most of their time playing indoor games, watching television or playing on tablets and it seems outdoor activities are fading with the advancements of technology. Such routine is unhealthy and parents should be actively encouraging their children to play outdoors. Outdoor activities like running, swimming, exploration and more, helps children to stay active, strengthen muscles, reduce stress and keep them energized. With summer approaching, “Day Camps” is a great way to have our kids get a healthy and productive outdoor education.

Outdoor education also referred as “outside classroom learning”, basically means a set of organized activities that are performed in an experimental way in outdoor environments. It is focused on experience as the center of learning. Moreover, it ensures that individual development needs are met and it offers programs and activities that will help kids and teens refine their skills, abilities, and become more responsible adults later.

The aim of outdoor education is to teach teenagers and kids the survival skills, develop leadership skills, enhance teamwork and improve problem solving skills. This will make them more independent, knowledgeable and understanding the things that are happening around them, spiritual and ready to face life’s challenges. Day camps that focus on these goals for the outdoor education can really help teenagers and kids to become better individuals.

Outdoor Day camps have many seen and unseen positive impacts on children. They not only keep them physically active with various interesting activities, but also help them build their confidence. They do various activities for fun that improves their skills with no competitive stress thereby boosting their inner self esteem.

In day camps, teens get the much needed break from their online gaming friends, and their various gadgets (for a time being). They are also given the opportunity to enhance their abilities and talents. The correct instructions, availability of diverse equipment and various facilities in day camps help kids choose and discover their interests as well as try new things. Some of the outdoor education camp activities include swimming, Horseback Riding, Tramp Sports, Karaoke, Rock climbing, Dancing, First-aid, and Science exploration.

Another important aspect of outdoor education through day camps is social development and independence. In day camps, teens get opportunities to meet and make new friends, come out of their shell and be more open about their opinion and thoughts. They get the freedom to make their own choices in the safe and caring environment of day camps. They learn to respect others, agree with others choices, and be part of a group.

Teens today lead a very structured life and day camps can give that unstructured freedom that makes them relaxed, laugh, have fun and enjoy life. Believe or not, all this is very important for their overall growth.


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