Horseback Riding for Kids with Equestrian Love

Horseback riding for kids

It is always recommended for parents to provide their children various new experiences with which to learn life skills. With horseback riding kids can receive sufficient physical and mental activity for one session, along with an invaluable memory of having interacted with an intelligent animal.

Horses have been mankind’s helpers for as long as we can remember. We originally domesticated these herbivores for the purpose of carrying huge loads when travelling. Use of horses was more widespread back then, when they were our only means of transportation. Now that we have machines being used for vehicular purposes, horseback riding has been delegated to being a sporting activity for fun and leisure.

Children are typically drawn to the idea of riding a horse. It is something that they always see on shows being effortlessly done by skilled riders. Young kids imagine the typical horse taking them to the sunset. They eventually go through a phase when they request for their own pony to take in as a pet or to ride with outside. At this point, parents should consider a few factors before giving in to the child and taking on this responsibility.

Equestrians typically hone their skills for competitive races. For children starting out with horseback riding, a well-trained guide is needed. Assessment lessons are typically required before starting as there are physical and mental requirements when learning how to handle an equine. If the child does pass, riding a horse can become an enjoyable learning experience for any little boy or girl.

We typically see horses in big races which requires a lot of training and hard work. Handling a horse requires muscles for balance, agility and flexibility. You need to be able to stay upright for long periods of time and also have coordination and overall body awareness for controlling and reining your horse when it is needed. This means that the rider or the rider’s parents should expect a certain level of muscle soreness after the end of any training session.

Full-sized adults end up burning enough calories equivalent to a long walk. You also need to be aware of your horse’s movements while you are riding.

Horseback riding isn’t only about the riding aspect. Before you start with a pony, the child should understand that horses have the potential to hurt them if they are not careful. Young riders should learn how to approach and handle a horse, with soothing calmness and respect. Riding isn’t immediately something a person does. The child has to learn various other aspects of the activity before starting out on the field.

Horseback riding provide children a number of benefits such as:

  • It teaches children to respect animals.
  • Children receive sufficient physical activity and exercise to build muscle and gain strength.
  • Learn to follow directions and gain skills in coordination, timing and balance.
  • Gain awareness of their animal companion’s emotional and physical cues.
  • Create a bond of mutual trust and respect.

While it is typically used for leisure and entertainment, we also see owners who use it for therapeutic purposes. People have claimed that after riding a horse, they have felt more independent, more confident and more self-aware. Horses have assisted patients recovering from surgery, disabled people, and those suffering from mental illnesses. These kinds of therapy can also assist children who need a companion in times of stress or hardship.

Equine movement provides many benefits for children who are interested in learning how to ride. A safe learning environment and a capable trainer is all a parent needs to start their child on an unforgettable experience.

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