How Day Camps Can Be A Positive Influence in Youth Development

How Day Camps Can Be A Positive Influence in Youth Development

Children are now growing up too fast. Gone are the days when kids are just strolling around the neighbourhood riding bicycles, enjoying and having fun with nothing to worry about. The youth of today have so much information to digest every year, with schools focusing less on free time and physical activity. Academic prowess is now valued more by parents, as they think that if their children excel in academics, they are already assured of a good future.

However, socialization and freedom should still be a big part of a child’s life. Children need to be able to experience being able to move their bodies outside of the classroom. Unfortunately, we now live in a world where every kind of entertainment has been handed to us without us even moving a single step from the couch.

With that said, children should be given the space and opportunity to grow emotionally without their devices hindering them. Day camps and workshops provide that options for kids, teenagers and adults. When kids are given an activity that requires their full attention, they won’t have the time to look at their mobile phones and use other gadgets. They will be able to learn how to cooperate and get along with new people who are sharing the same activity with them. When the children enter the camp area, they will be given a clean slate, free of the restrictions of social class or reputation. They will be able to make new friends.

Day camps also allow children to physically move around their bodies. Activities done while camping will allow them to exercise different muscles than the ones they always use. As such, they will be able to lose weight and refresh their minds from the constant flow of information that they are receiving from their textbooks and screens. These kids will be doing things with new people in a new area, and it can be healing to not have to think about the usual stresses and problems of life that is left behind in the home or school. They will be able to clear their heads and do tasks under different conditions than those that they are familiar with.

Moreover, children who experience different conditions in the outdoors are stronger and more resilient than those who are restricted to knowledge within the walls of a house or a classroom. They are able to survive different conditions, and they will feel better about themselves for having accomplished that. These kids will gain a new feeling of wonder and appreciation for what they can discover out in the world. This gives a type of intrinsic motivation for further learning.

Creating new relationships with different kinds of people from different backgrounds also allows them to affirm their sense of self. They will know who they are and where they stand in life. They will be able to identify which people they can trust and which people to avoid. They will also gain self-confidence, due to the fact that they will have noticed their own progress.

Finally, day camps provide a safe and secure area for children to move around. They will be given activities that allow room for growth, but will also have enough limitations for them to be away from danger. They will be supervised by a capable instructor who has experience in handling groups of kids in a stable environment.

Children should always have options for different experiences in life. You can check out one of the day camps in Toronto that offer activities for kids of different ages here:


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