How Day Camps Can Help Your Child Develop Confidence

Spending time away at day camps can be a great way for your child to develop a sense of independence and confidence. It is a safe environment where children can explore their identities and begin a journey of finding themselves and it may allow them to take risk in a controlled social setting without constantly being under the watchful eye of a parent. There are even instances of shy children becoming more sociable and interactive as the nonjudgmental setting of good day camps afford them the freedom of opening up to new experiences, new friendships and personal accomplishments. As a parent, if you are wondering how a day camp can help your child develop confidence, here are a few illustrations of how this may occur.

Choosing the right camp – Firstly, in building the confidence of your child picking the right camp is extremely important. Choosing the right camp immediately places your child in a setting where they will have things in common with their peers. Having things in common is a great starting point for developing new relationships and it will give your child more confidence in approaching other children with whom there is already a shared interest.

Breaking through comfort zones – Day camps offer your child the opportunity to try new things that they may not have been exposed to previously. The exposure to these new and sometimes challenging activities is what fosters the development of new skills and talents. Some camps offer packages that teach extremely important life skills such as first aid and babysitting. Performances of plays are also stimulating events where a child undertakes the personality of another character and performs in front of a live audience. These new activities usually break through any comfort zones and results in the development of more self-assurance and self-trust after having completed them. At Zodiac, one of the best Toronto day camps, there are numerous skills waiting to be passed on to your children. Some of the activities range from horseback riding, to cooking to sporting events.

The finding of ones self – Day camps for children also allow the child to find a balance in themselves. That is, having to juggle responsibilities and the different things happening during their stay at camp. This new accountability to self helps children feel in control of their lives and this self-efficacy can travel home as easily as a special art project or the know-how of making a favourite dish on their own.

New friendships – Children are able to develop lasting relationships with people who are outside of their immediate or even extended family. With the advances and advantages of technology, maintaining contact with these new friends have becomes easier by the exchanging of email addresses or Facebook contacts. This will help children who don’t feel comfortable around their peers in their own neighborhood to have a peer support system.

Academics – In a balanced day camp, they are able to find an appropriate place for academics within their schedule which can be both a fun and educational experience. Keeping the brain academically stimulated undoubtedly gives children at these day camps an advantage over the rest when they return to school. This is definitely a way to keep your child ready and confident in their abilities when they do transition back to a formal educational setting.

These are few ways in which a day camp can increase the confidence of your child. If you are looking for a good day camp in Toronto, as previously mentioned, Zodiac Day Camp offers several challenging and skilled  activities. For more information, please click the link.


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