How Early Should You Send Your Child to Camp

Camp offers children with enriching experiences that will build their self-esteem, social skills and discover talents. Before enrolling your kid in a day camp, you must determine if they are ready.

Some children have yet to reach a certain level of independence for camp. This may cause bad experiences throughout their stay. Your child may not want to return to camp because of these. You must consider the maturity or age of your kid before you enrol them.

Determine the Readiness of Your Child

The ideal age to send kids to summer camp is approximately nine years old. At this age, most children are responsible enough for things such as bathing, dressing and being accountable for their own things. However, some children have reached a level of maturity to do these things without help at an earlier age. Some are ready to go to camp as early as six or seven years old.

One of the ways to determine the maturity level of your child is, by observing the way he or she takes care of their things. Do they put them away after playing? If your child knows how to return things to where they should be, they are ready to join summer day camp.

Is He or She Mature Enough?

Some kids lack the maturity to be away from home for a long time, especially if their parents are not around. These kids tend to feel anxious at day camp; they will not have fun because all they think about is home.

If your child feels nervous whenever you are not home for a long time, it is an indicator that they are unprepared for camp. They need to mature and be accountable for their actions before joining a program.

Is Your Kid Ready for Camp?

It is difficult to know how your child will feel when you leave them for some time. If they enjoy staying at a friend’s home for the whole day or at grandpa’s, you can send them to camp.

Does your child show curiosity about their environment? Do they like the outdoors? Do they like being with other kids they just met? If your answer is yes to these questions, your child is confident and mature enough to join a camp.

Interests of Your Child

Determine the interests of your kid to know if they will feel excited about camp. You have several choices as to the program your child can join. Show them photos or videos of the activities and go on a personal visit to the camp to help your child learn about the experience. Some children prefer sports and some like the arts. Determine what your child likes to enrol them at a program they want to join.


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