How Day Camps Can Be A Positive Influence in Youth Development

Integrating Youth Development through Day Camping

Youth is that particular stage in the life of a person that brings about many changes in one’s personality and character. Children are most receptive when it comes to opportunities for interpersonal development. As such, a day camp for kids are created to make use of our chldren’s idle time and transform it into a productive program of enriching activities. There are many day camp centers in and around our country and all serve one vision and one purpose: child development through social interaction. Society has always been a part of your child since being brought into the world, and the only way to survive its never-ending challenges is to equip the child with the proper tools to help overcome these. Day camps can help children socially, and also guarantee that every child will gain more knowledge from various activities provided.

Advantages of Joining a Summer Camp

Camping has always been considered a worthwhile activity. Consisting mostly of spending time outdoors and interacting with nature, participants learn about camaraderie, trust, responsibility, and most importantly, unity amongst themselves. Summer camp brings the great outdoors and many fun programs together to make a memorable summer for your children. The advantages of joining a day camp are too many to mention; however, we can mention three of these that top the list. First is personality development, second is social development, and third is maturity.

Personality development is achieved when a child acquires a unique set or pattern of thinking, feeling, and behavior that makes him/her unique.  Social development, on the other hand, is achieved when a child understands the importance of being a person for others. This means the child would have been equipped with tools required to extend sympathy and to show empathy towards other people.

Maturity is much deeper in scope. Though still a child, maturity can still be achieved in day camp for kids with the help of both camp leaders and parents. And this is one of the primary reasons day camp is a rewarding activity for children not to take for granted. They grow in wisdom and in self-awareness not feeling forced or stressed out. Instead, children develop maturity in the spirit of fun and camaraderie. Various activities line up a summer camp program and no two program lists are the same.

Encouraging your kids to attend summer camps will open opportunities for them to succeed in their personal and social development. Do not let this chance slip by. Guide them. Support them. Inspire them to be the best person that they can be. Youth only comes once in their lifetime. Ensure that your kids make the best out of this phase.


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