Developing Friendships in Day Camps and Its Impact On Your Child

Your children’s emotional and psychological growth is heavily reliant on the social interaction that they get from the people around them. The way we communicate, enforce discipline and show our affection cultivates how they will grow up in the future.  

This social interaction almost always start at home with the parents but as our children grow older, they get exposed to many different people such as your neighbors, their babysitter, schoolmates, teachers and so on. Along the way, some of these social interactions turn into something deeper and our children develop friendships with other people.

In some cases, developing friendships does not come easy especially when there is a limited opportunity for your child to be exposed to different kinds of people. One way to help them is by enrolling them in a day camp for kids where they will be exposed to kids their age and get to know them though the different summer programs offered at these camps.

In these summer programs for kids, your children will be introduced to many activities that will promote social interaction. They will be exposed to different kinds of personalities and will be more likely to find other kids who share the same interests or passions as theirs. Given this, they will be able to find a common ground where they can freely share thoughts and experiences. Eventually, these children develop a stronger bond as they go through the different activities that these day camps for kids offer.

But how does developing friendships in day camps help your child?

  • Your child will develop a sense of belongingness because they have finally found their clique who can understand what they are going through and who can share the same interests as theirs. Day camps offer programs that cluster like-minded individuals. For example, Zodiac’s specialty programs are catered to children who share the same interests and passion such as sports, performing arts, culinary arts and the like. Because of this common ground, children find it easy to interact and be comfortable with each other.
  • These friendships also help build your child’s self-esteem and self-worth. As your child grows up, he or she may encounter some identity crisis. Because of camp activities, they get to know kids who are like them and this thought is very comforting knowing that they are not alone.

In many cases, the friendship that your child develops in day camps continue even after these summer programs are over. This is something that you should nurture as your child needs a healthy amount of social interaction with people his/her age.

Enroll your child this summer in day camp for kids like Zodiac. Choose from the many programs that they offer and let your child find his/her way to self-discovery while letting him/her develop a strong bond with other children.


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