Child Personality and Camp: Where Do They Fit?

Are you looking for a fun activity for your child during the weekends? They might be interested in day camp, but you are unsure whether to send them to one that offers arts or to another one that provides swimming lessons. Your child might be inclined to the arts if they are creative or to sports, if they like being outdoors or playing.

Identifying Your Child’s Interests

Each child will display a certain inclination to an activity, as he or she grows older. It may be because of the things they do with their parents, siblings or friends. Are they artistically inclined? Does your child prefer being outdoors and kicking a ball? When you start seeing these inclinations, start bringing your child to day camp that offers various programs.

Enroll them in arts camp if they are confident talking or performing in front of an audience. This type of program harnesses their skill in communicating with others, singing, dancing, acting and other arts-related activities. This will not only help your child realize their potential, but also teaches them life lessons such as self-confidence, speaking in front of an audience, teamwork, perseverance and handling constructive criticisms.

If your child is athletic and shows skill and interest in sports, a camp that offers these activities is an ideal one. Swim camp teaches them the foundations of swimming while having fun and meeting other kids. Sports are also a good way to get exercise for kids, and reduce the risk for cancer, heart disease and other weight-related problems.

Sports also teach kids valuable life lessons that they apply even after they leave camp. They will learn the value of sacrifice, determination, perseverance and teamwork just to name a few.

At camp, their experienced instructors will guide them through each activity, making sure they are safe. The staff makes sure that the equipment is in good condition at all times and the counselors will be there to help kids in whatever they may need.

Let Them Choose

Each child has unique gifts, interests and personalities; forcing them to enroll in day camp will only be detrimental to their development. Kids learn and retain information better when they are having fun, camp provides them with several opportunities to have fun whether they are in sports or arts camp.

Allow them to choose the camp they want to join by going on a personal visit with them. Let them see the facilities and meet the counselors and instructors to feel at ease and enjoy with the day camp they chose.


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