Art or Sports? Which Camp is for Your Child?

It is a difficult choice for parents to make when it comes to choosing the best day camps to send thier children to. For some, it is just a simple choice as what Arts or Sports programs they have, but which is really the right one for your child? Who gets to decide?

Take the time to talk to your kid

Often enough, some parents tend to think that they know what their child wants and needs in their life best. It may be true that not all children are mature enough to make the best decisions however they do know what they enjoy doing and participating in.

As such it is always wise to do a little research beforehand about  the various day camps available in your area. Once you know all the options you can have a proper discussion about the options you have.

The reason why some research is recommended  is because day camps for kids are not what they used to be. Singing around a fire and eating marshmallows is still a part of many   camps, but there are a lot of different new activities available as well.

For example, if you look around the City  of Toronto, you can find that there are day camps that can even offer a wide array of specialized programs and activities. You can find archery and rock climbing as additional sports, and jewelry creation or even performing arts, along with so much more.

Look for a combination instead of a single option

Learning how to be a part of a team and work as a group is what day camps were always about. So although there are plenty of specializations available, a camp that can offer the chance for your children to go through different activities during their summer is the best thing you can give to them.

Participating in musicals or team sports may be what your child is good at, or at least feels comfortable doing. However, since there are day camps that offer a variety of activities, why not take the chance and look out for new and exciting things to do. Even if your young one is a prodigy in tennis for example, it does not mean that they wouldn’t be interested in doing something else as well. He or she may be interested in singing, dancing, or any other activities offered in many day camps for kids.

Preparing for adulthood in a fun environment

One amazing thing that modern day camps in Toronto have to offer is their versatility. They provide the foundations and all the necessities for your child to try out what they want to do in their life and find something they are passionate about.

After all, what would be the odds of you and your child finding out that they are good at robotics for example? With so many options available nowadays, your choices will not only be limited to  simply “arts or sports”. The ground is set for every future inventor, professor, performer, athlete, and many more to have a firsthand experience.


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