Swim School: How To Avoid Tears in the Swimming Pool

Swimming chooses no age. Infants and toddlers are now encouraged to take swimming programs to make them warm up to the water early. According to research, baby swimming is highly encouraged because it minimizes the risk of drowning. Not only that, swimming aids in your child’s physical and emotional development.

Swimming helps your child strengthen their body as it is an activity that engages almost all the muscles of their young body. There are also many studies that show that being in the water is therapeutic and the same can be said when your child takes swimming programs. Moreover, swimming also helps the child create bond with their parents while they are engaged in swimming lessons.

Because of these many benefits, many parents want their children to learn swimming at an early age. However, handling toddlers and infants can be a more challenging activity as they still cannot fully communicate their needs and wants. This, sometimes, results to crying in the pool and the little ones being agitated with the activity.

Don’t fret! This is totally preventable. We have rounded up some tips to help you and you little tot warm up to the pool and the swimming lessons in store for him/her.

  1. Make sure that your  baby is ready. How? See to it that your little one is well-fed and is not hungry, have had adequate sleep and is not sick. This way, you prevent tantrums that may happen while swimming lessons are on the way.
  2. Equip your child with the proper swimwear. Depending on your child’s age, there are many variety of swimwear that you can choose from to make your child comfortable in the water. When you enroll in swimming programs, ask your instructors what they would usually recommend for your baby.
  3. Allow play in the pool. Swimming should be an enjoyable activity much more so that you are doing it with infants and toddlers. To make them warm up into the activity, play some nursery rhymes and kiddie songs while they are in the water.
  4. Follow instructions. Your instructors are there to guide you as you progress into the swimming program so that it becomes manageable and enjoyable on both the parent and the kid. Make sure that you do not get into the water before the instructors tell you to do so as you may risk your child getting overstimulated, tired, or worse, feeling cold even before the formal lessons start.

These are some things you can do to prepare your child for their swimming lessons and avoid crying in the swimming pool. If you are looking for a reputable toddler swimming program where you can enroll your tot this summer, check out Zodiac Swim School.

Zodiac’s toddler swimming program, Zodiac Tot, is designed for infants and toddlers with their caregivers. It provides a fun and exciting introduction to water and swimming and encourages exploration, water safety, personal development and individual progress. So if you are looking for a swimming program that you will enjoy as much as your little, contact Zodiac Swim School today!


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