Developing Language Skills Through Singing

Children are very drawn to music and rhymes. There is something captivating when listening to melodies and being able to jive with them. This is the reason why children enjoy singing. In fact, play a tune and your child is most likely to break into a singing or dancing. But, did you know that there is more to music and singing than just the entertainment that notes and melodies bring?

Studies show that children who were constantly exposed to music and were given many opportunities to sing with their families and classmates at school are more likely to have advanced verbal or oral skills. Through constant singing, children develop their memory and gain a wider vocabulary.

Singing is a very enjoyable and is still one of the most educational activities for children. This is the reason why nursery rhymes never run out of style and almost all kiddie shows would involve singing songs. Kids tend to learn faster through repetition, and letting them sing in repetitive lines helps to develop their memory and literacy. Because of the element of tunes, singing is proven to be more enjoyable and preferred by children over formal speech. Making children memorize lines formally seems to drain their energy and interest fast, which is why singing with repetitive lines is more productive.

Singing nursery rhymes develop a child’s language skills since they learn how sentences are constructed and how words are strung together to form a complete thought. They are unconsciously learning as they are enjoying the activity and because of this, parents are encouraged to sing with their children in their early years. Singing is an introduction to language, and parents should sing to  their children as early as their baby stages.

There are many classes out there that offer learning activities for your children. Summer day camps offer activities that include singing with the whole class where children are encouraged to join. This way, they develop many skills while participating in activities summer day camps have in store for them.

Zodiac is known to be an enjoyable kids’ summer camp that is open for children of all ages. No matter what age your child is, there is a summer program fitted for his/her age where learning is effective and is anchored on their own pace. There are various summer camp activities children can participate in so they can learn and have fun at the same time. Summer day camps are less formal compared to being in a classroom, and children tend to be more open and relaxed in them compared to being in school.

The less stressed the children are, the more open they are for development and learning. Now don’t think twice and enroll your child, and let them experience something they will look back to in their older years.


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