Day Camps: A First Step at Independence

As a child grows, they must learn accountability, responsibility and independence. One of the best ways to teach them these life skills is to enrol them at a summer camp. Camp provides your kid with several opportunities to grow physically and emotionally.

Life Skills at Camp

Day camp provides your child with several opportunities to learn about themselves, develop certain skills and make new friends.

Camp is a first step to independence; it teaches kids to do things on their own without help from their parents. It is their first taste of the real world once they leave the confines of home. They have to learn how to communicate with others, take care of their things and make their own decisions.

Their initiation to camp starts before the actual date; kids will start preparing the things they need to bring such as extra clothes and materials for the program they will join. They must learn how to be accountable for their things so that they will not lose or misplace anything at camp.

The preparation and making sure to keep their things secure at camp teaches your child to be responsible. The responsibility will teach them a valuable lesson of what it is like to be independent.

Day camp is one of the places where your child will be alone with other children. They might be shy at first, but camp teaches them to come out of their shell and make new friends. The exposure to a new environment will pique their curiosity about others. They will learn to share experiences and things with other kids their age. They will learn how to work with others in the different activities they will do at camp. This teaches them that independence is not about isolation and doing things on their own, but working as a team despite the differences they might have with others.

Prepare for Day Camp

Some kids will feel anxious about leaving the comforts of home despite knowing they will return on the same day. Make them feel comfortable about going to day camp by helping your child prepare for their first camp experience. This relieves some of their anxiety, as they know you will support them even if you are not physically present.

Go on a personal visit to camp to familiarize your child with the environment, things to do and the counsellors who will be with them throughout the program.

Camp is a fun experience for kids because they will learn important life lessons. It is a rite of passage for kids who will take the next step to maturity.


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