Different Kinds of Performing Arts Discipline

Performing arts is comprised of different fields that have the common factor and as the name suggests, it is all about performance or performing. All arts under this category produce something that cannot be touched, but can be seen and heard. Some of these arts are dance, music, opera, theater, mime or puppetry. Any kind of art that makes a performance its final product falls under Performing Arts.

Music is the art that involves production of tunes and songs. This form of art also falls under performing arts, since the artists perform their music to the audience. There are even musical plays that incorporate music and acting into one.

Dance is the art of graceful movements. Dance is used to express different emotions and represent different meanings and events. It has been associated with many social and cultural symbolism, and makes use of movement and choreography to deliver messages to the audience.

Theater, on the other hand, is a mixture of both disciplines, and many others. Theater involves music, dance or acting and drama to present an event or a story to the audience. Theater also involves stagecraft wherein performers do stage design. There are different types of theater: drama, musical theater, comedy, tragedy and improvisation. Performers portray scenes from known previous events in human history or present an enactment of situations written in books and famous stories.

Operas are always live performances in an opera house, and the story is sung throughout the performance by highly trained and expert classical singers and actors.

The scope of Performing Arts is still debatable especially in the modern times, since there are many performances rendered by different artists all over the world. Opening your child to the wonders of Performing Arts will show them different kinds of performances, as well as engaging them to learn and appreciate the kind of art presented by the actors, singers, dancers as performers. They may even aspire to be one, and who knows, maybe your child has the talent and skills that are yet to be nurtured for this field.

Zodiac Day Camp offers a specialty program for kids, which comprises of many specialization areas including Performing Arts. As a parent, we always want the best for our children, and we aim to support their growth and interests especially when they contribute to their well-being. Register your child with Zodiac and you can be rest assured that your child will have fun and learn a lot about the wondrous field of performing arts!


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