How Cooking Improves Your Child’s Life Skills

We see them every day – cooking shows that wet our appetites and make us want to cook. However, it is not only adults, who can be inspired by these gastronomic delights. Our children may develop an inclination towards cooking, too!

While most parents would be scared to leave their children in the kitchen, we strongly encourage you to expose them to the wonderful world of culinary arts at an early age. With your supervision and proper instruction (have you ever seen that show that features young cooks whipping up amazing food?), your child can be the next culinary sensation!

But more than the actual culinary skills, there are other life skills your child can learn from cooking:

  1. Following instructions. When your child learns how to cook, the first basic rule is to follow the steps in the recipe. This simple challenge will help your children learn and follow what they need to do to achieve the results they desire. More than that, this experience will help you bond with your child and improve parent-child communication in an engaging, interactive activity.
  2. Math and accuracy. Cooking integrates basic math and this will help your child understanding the fundamental skills that will prove to be helpful later on in his or her life. You will be exposing your kids to the world of fractions especially when they are measuring the ingredients of their recipe.
  3. Understanding change. Science plays a significant part when cooking. Your child will be able to learn how liquid becomes solid (when baking cakes) or how liquid becomes gas (steaming). This understanding will help your child appreciate chemistry later on in life.
  4. Time-management skills. How long does it take for the muffin to rise? How long does it take to prepare the ingredients? These simple things can do wonders with your child’s time management skills.
  5. Creativity. When your child has already learned the fundamentals of culinary arts, it may inspire him to create his own concoctions and this is when his creative side is enhanced. Cooking will not only teach your child how to create yummy food but at the same time, visually appealing plates as well.

Zodiac Camp’s Specialty Programs are designed to help your child find his passion. Zodiac’s culinary arts course is specifically designed for growing gourmets and help build their self-esteem through personal accomplishments through cooking. Each class will teach your child kitchen safety and etiquette, cooperation with others and of course, a delicious recipe that they can take home. So what are you waiting for, let your child whip up some gastronomic delight for your family! Enroll them in Zodiac’s culinary arts course today!


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