Baking: Combining Imagination, Creativity and Technical Skill

Children love bread and pastries, especially cakes and muffins. While most kids only know how these sweet things taste, you and your child can take it to the next level: learning how to bake them. This may sound too complicated for you and your little one to handle, but baking is actually a fun and educational activity that can teach your child skills that will be useful as he or she gets older.

Baking aids children to develop their multiple intelligence. It also helps stimulate their creativity. Children learn to experiment with the different ingredients, like flour dough for example. It’s like molding clay, only that it turns to be food later. Children get to play and learn at the same time, knowing what one thing tastes and how it affects other ingredients as well. Decorating the baked goods also encourage them to create something new, and therefore enhance their creative side.

Baking also develops a child’s basic math and technical skills. Whisking and mixing, knowing how many eggs to put in and how much flour to put in a measuring cup are all parts of baking that teach the child these basic skills. They also get to learn what different ingredients are called, and what to do with them as the recipes guide them to it.

Children also get to understand the simple wonders of science. They learn this by being shown how things are cooked, melted, and mixed. They witness the science of change, and understand simple chemistry at their young age. Baking gives children the opportunity to experience science with their own hands.

While having fun, children who bake with their parents also share a special bonding time that are usually missed nowadays, in the modern generation. Parents get to give their children a much needed break from the stressful activities they may have at school, or even a difficult time they have with friends or their daily lives. Baking gives parents a ticket to spend quality time with their children learning and having fun at the same time.

There are also alternative ways to get your child into baking activities, where they will meet new friends along the way. There are a lot of culinary arts camps that offer baking lessons, one of which is Zodiac Day Camp. The Make and Bake specialty program will open doors to a world of baking, fun and learning, which your child will surely enjoy.


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