National Lifeguard Courses at Day Camp

Is your child looking for a new challenge after taking several swimming lessons? May be your child is interested in becoming a lifeguard.

Lifeguard Courses

If your child has finished a certain level at swim camp, he or she is eligible to participate in lifeguard courses. The course provides a new set of challenges for young teens who want to push their limits and learn how to save a life. The rigorous program teaches kids techniques that will safely save someone from drowning and improve their skill in the water.

The Lifesaving Society’s National Lifeguard certification is Canada’s lifeguard standard for professionals. The curriculum of the certification follows core competencies in skill, fitness, judgment, and knowledge.

Students must meet the physical standards of the curriculum before getting certified such as:

  • Object Recovery. Students must display anaerobic fitness and strength to recover an object in the water. The swimmer begins in the water and must swim 15m and make a surface dive to obtain a 20lb object. He or she must resurface and carry the object 5m within 40 seconds.
  • Underwater Swim. The swimmer must show anaerobic fitness and skill by beginning in the water, submerging, and swimming 15m underwater.
  • Sprint Challenge. Must demonstrate anaerobic fitness by starting in the water and swim head-up for 50m all within a minute.
  • Rescue Drill. The student must display strength and endurance for rescue operations using a manikin. The swimmer begins in the water, must swim to recover a manikin 25m away and carry it for 25m within 90 seconds.
  • Endurance Challenge. The swimmer must show anaerobic fitness and endurance by swimming 400m in 10 minutes.
  • Approach & Carry. The student must display strength and endurance to help a distressed victim. Students begin in the water, approach victim 15m head-up in deep water, then carry the victim 5m while keeping the victim’s shoulders and head above water.

These skills are integral in enabling your child to rescue a person in the water. The course makes sure that each child is ready to save a person even in stressful situations. Participants will not get certified or move up, until they show ability to perform each skill well.
Zodiac Swim School provides the best opportunity for your child to explore options for a part-time job or future career as a lifeguard. He or she will get instruction from top-rate swimmers. The instructors help each child develop the skills needed to become a bona fide lifeguard.


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