Instructor Courses for Swimming

Is your child looking for a new challenge after mastering the different swimming strokes? If your kid is interested in taking advanced swimming lessons, Zodiac Swim School has instructor and advanced courses that push their skills to the limit.

Why get instructor courses for swimming?

Instructor level courses are for kids who want to improve their skill and get certified as a water safety instructor and a lifeguard. The program will push your child’s body to its limit to determine, if he or she is fit to instruct and save the life of others.

The advanced courses are for kids who want to take swimming seriously, and consider being a lifeguard or water safety instructor as a career or part-time job while studying.

The program will test a child’s physical fitness and endurance. A part of the program will involve a test of a child’s ability to swim, rescue and bring back a supposed drowning swimmer.

The benefits of the advanced, instructor-level courses are not only physical, it will imbibe discipline and determination in your child. The skills learned will also allow them to save a life, if they are put in a life threatening position in a pool or beach.

Students for instructor-level programs also learn the basics of teaching. This is a great skill to acquire for anyone who plans to go into teaching or any instructor career in the future.

What are the requirements for the instructor level courses?

The requirements to join instructor level courses vary depending on the level the swimmer is applying for. In most cases, there is an age and a minimum swim level requirement. For instance, for the Assistant Instructor Level, the swimmer should be a minimum 14 years of age and must already have a Bronze Cross level.

Why choose Zodiac Swim for instructor level courses?

Aside from being one of the most reputable swim schools around, we have an extensive aquatic leadership program for different age and skill levels. We follow Canada’s professional lifesaving and lifeguard standard for our certification program include the Lifesaving Society’s National Lifeguard Certification and Red Cross Water Safety and Swim Programs.


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