Addressing Health & Safety Concerns in Camp

Summer camp is the time to be carefree and have lots of fun, but parents must also be wary of safety and health issues that may arise at camp. Accidents may still happen or upset stomachs and fevers may still occur while at camp. It is best to check the facilities, talk with the counselors, and check the potential health hazards that may arise before sending your child to camp.

Addressing Potential Problems at Camp

The first thing you do to alleviate the anxiety you and your child will feel while he or she is away from camp is to make a personal visit. Plan the things you want to do during your visit to camp to help your child prepare for anything.

Inspect the safety equipment at the camp you send your child to. Ask the counselors to take you to the activity areas or facilities. Check the harnesses, helmets, pads, or other safety equipment your child needs during the activities that he or she will join. Have the counselor make a demonstration of the safety procedures. Knowing the procedures even before camp begins helps you and your child feel safe. Make sure that the safety equipment used for activities are regularly maintained and have no broken or missing parts.

Inquire about the experience of the counselors in administering first aid or medicine to participants who may need it. Untrained counselors and camp instructors is a red flag. Lack of training may lead to a higher risk of accidents and health problems.

A personal visit to camp premises is also a good time to determine how clean the place is. Check for mice roaming around, cockroaches, dirty corners, junk-filled rooms, and general uncleanliness. These are signs that indicate that the camp lacks proper sanitary regulations to keep its premises clean. Dirty surroundings may attract pests and all sorts of germs that may cause sicknesses during your child’s camp experience.

Poor sanitation may poison food and water at camp. This may lead to upset stomachs, food poisoning, and other digestive-related ailments. Make sure you check the kitchen and find out if the camp keeps it clean and well maintained.

Putting your worries to rest

While most day camps are well maintained and follow the proper safety precautions, it is always up to the parents to help their kids feel safe. When you are confident of the health and safety standards in the camp, you can easily communicate this to your child to quell any concerns he or she may have.

Zodiac Day Camp has pristine venues, safe equipment and high standards of safety for all programs offered.


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