What to Bring to Day Camp

Camp is all about fun, adventure and learning. In order to participate in the different activities and maximize the experience, campers should be prepared and must pack accordingly.

Day Camps, like Zodiac, have a list of things campers should include when packing. These are:

  1. Nutritious lunch

It is agreeable that every camper bring his/her lunch, unless the day camp offers a lunch service. Bring something that is packed with vitamins and nutrients so that you will have the energy to go through the activities for the day. In Zodiac, campers have the Lunch Program, and campers who have registered no longer need to pack their lunch.

  1. Change of clothes

Day camps have a lot of activities that exercise the mind and the body. While having fun, campers may encounter circumstances that require them to change clothes. Also, younger children are better not exposed to sweat for their well-being. Changing clothes after some intense playtime or activities is ideal, especially to the young ones.

  1. Sunscreen

When you go swimming or just plan to take a rest on the poolside, sunscreen will be your shield to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Sunscreen greatly lessens the possibility of having sunburns, so let this be your best buddy.

  1. Sunhat

The sun’s glare could really distract your eyes. Bringing a sunhat would not only protect your eyes and head from the sun; it could also give a nice boost to your get up.

  1. Running shoes

Day camps require a lot of running around. Shoes take you places, but running shoes will take you farther and quicker. You can prevent a lot of injuries by using running shoes than sneakers or other footwear. That is why packing with your running shoes is always a must.

  1. Bathing suit/towel/bathing Cap

Swimming activities are involved in day camps. Having these in your knapsack is a no-brainer. These will help you perform better and swim smoothly in the pool.

  1. Water bottle

It is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Campers should never forget their water bottles. Here’s a quick tip: Freeze your water the night before your day camp and wrap it in tin foil as you go. This will keep your water cold for the day.

  1. Clothing for inclement weather

You never know when the weather’s going to change. It might be all sunny in the morning and rainy the whole afternoon, or it might get very cold sometime that day. The weather is unpredictable, so it is only best you prepare ahead.

  1. Bug repellant (optional)

You never know what bugs you will encounter for the day. Having a bug repellant ready will protect the children from acquiring bug-related infections or diseases.

  1. Zodiac knapsack (optional)

Be proud of being a Zodiac Camper. Using the knapsack makes it easier for the staff to recognize campers and the camp they are participating in.

Campers should always be prepared. Make sure you check all the things you pack before you go as you don’t want to miss any if you want to have a really good time. Pack right, and you’ll have no problems for the rest of the day.


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