Talking About Camp to First-time Campers

Is your child reluctant to join camp? It is normal to feel nervous about something like going to summer camp as it exposes your child to a different environment outside the comforts of home. There are a few things you talk about with your child before deciding camp begins.

Summer Camp Fun Activities

To get your child excited, talk about the activities that he or she can do while at camp. Discuss the different sports such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, biking, wall climbing and others. These discussions will get your kid excited about the things they will do. It also helps them visualize all the fun they will have during camp.

Take your child to the campgrounds to give them a glimpse of the things they can do. Sampling the sports will pique their interest and will leave them wanting more once they leave the premises.

After the visit, keep mentioning the activities to enforce the positive experience your child felt while visiting camp.

The Friends Your Child Will Make

Focusing on the activities is good, but discussing the new people and friends your child will make, makes them more excited about going to camp. There are kids who are shy and need a boost of confidence to muster enough courage to make friends with others.

Encourage your child to talk with fellow campers by discussing how friendly other people are and that making new friends broadens their horizons. Camp activities are a great way to break the ice among a shy groups of kids. The different sports give children an opportunity to bond over an activity they love.

The Things Your Child Will Bring

Once your child is excited about camp because of your talk about the activities and new friends, it is time to discuss the things he or she will bring.

Whether it is overnight or day camp, your child will be out of the house for most of the day. It is important that they bring the necessities such as a change of clothes, toiletries and items they need for the activities they will participate in. They will be responsible for themselves and their things during their stay at camp. Label clothes and other items to avoid misplacing or losing them.

How Excited You Are for Them

Reinforcing to your child that you fully support this decision would make them feel more confident about not being at home. Let them know that their time at camp doesn’t just benefit them but it also makes you, as a parent, happy to see them grow and develop.

Discussing these things with a first-time camper reduces nervousness and excites them about the upcoming camp activities.


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