Summer Camp: How the Arts are Important to Child Development

The world is a wonderful place, and every child has the ability to see the world in his or her own unique way. Why should we not nurture this beautiful gift? There is indeed no reason not to, which is why we encourage all parents to let their children express the wonders of their worlds. In this way, we can take a glimpse of how they see and understand their surroundings.

Art has been known as a liberating form of expression of our imaginations and feelings. It is also a mirror of our outlook in life. Being exposed to the wonders of art not only helps us connect with one another, but it also lets us explore the talents our children have. Art lessons not only promote creativity, but also give room for social interaction. It is a form of learning that releases the stress and pressures from school and is one aspect of development associated with fun and freedom.

You may think art is just all about fun and expression and develops nothing more but creativity in the process. The truth is, there is more to art than just enhancing your child’s right brain! Today, we show you some other ways art can help in the development of your child:

  1. Children learn to communicate with their parents and other people – visuallyYou may think that children involved in visual arts choose the colors they use in random or what just appeals to them.  Maybe. But maybe not. Do not miss the idea that colors may actually represent their feelings. When your child feels happy and satisfied for the day, you may notice him/her scribbling bright colors, drawing her experience at the park. Also, every time your kid paints that paper with his small paint-dripped fingers, he may actually be expressing something about himself. Art helps children communicate their thoughts and feelings without the need for words.
  2. Children learn to control different mediums of art such as pencils, crayons, scissors and brushes! In the long run, your kids will be able to develop their penmanship and brush strokes, in a fun and artistic way. Exposing your kids to the experience of handling these things will develop their control and will mean that you won’t have to worry how they might handle future materials in school. It is a good way to hone their fine motor skills and at the same time, a good training on flexibility and adaptability.
  3. Children develop their problem-solving skills through thorough practice and experimentation. Creating something stimulates the mind and art is about creating something out of one’s imagination and thoughts. Children explore many ‘hows’ in order to create what they want. This gives their brains good exercise and will be developed as they grow as artists. This will consequently help them with school and other activities later in their lives.

With all these reasons, it is necessary to expose your kids to art especially if they have an artistic inclination. Summer and day camps, like Zodiac Camp, run art activities to help nurture this gift. Zodiac Camp offers kids of different ages an open opportunity to learn and enhance their skills while enjoying their time. Here at Zodiac, we believe that your children will find art as an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Let us all inspire and encourage our children as they embark on this creative process!


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