Make the Weekends Count with Day Camp

Nowadays, children sit at home glued to the screens of their mobile devices playing games and surfing the Web. Being tech savvy has its benefits, but it has drawbacks when abused.

Children who are constantly in front of a screen is unable to communicate properly without the veil of social media or mobile devices. They will also miss fun activities that kids do such as playing outside, participating in sports and meeting other children face to face. These activities build confidence, self-esteem and lead to an active lifestyle.

To make weekends count, why not enroll your child in day camp? Day camps have several sports and arts programs for kids with varying interests. It is also a great way to meet other children and make new friends.

Fun & Exciting Activities

Your child will never be bored at camp because of the activities lined up. There are different sports that your kid can join such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, mountain biking, wall climbing and others.

Your child has plenty of options, which sport he or she wants to try. The facilities at camp are well-maintained and safety equipment are top-rate. There are also trained and experienced instructors to guide and facilitate the activities.

Aside from sports, our day camp offers arts programs for kids gifted with creativity. There are performing arts programs, set design, vocal lessons and other similar activities.

Through day camp, your child can discover a skill or improve on an existing one. Take your child with you to get a glimpse of the fun things they can do when they enroll.


Socializing face-to-face is important to the development of children. Technology has made it easier to communicate with others without meeting in person, but it lacks the connection people make when they see each other personally.

Camp exposes your children to other kids with varying backgrounds. It helps them get out of their comfort zone and broaden their horizon. It teaches them how to interact with different personalities, learn teamwork, improve communication skills and boost self-confidence.

Life Skills

At day camp, your child will learn how to be independent. They will have to be responsible and accountable for themselves and their belongings throughout their entire program. They learn how to follow rules and adapt to different situations while having fun.
Make your child’s weekends worthwhile by enrolling them at day camp. Look for a program that your child will enjoy to make the experience unforgettable.


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