How Swimming is a Holistic Sport for Kids

Are you worried about your child spending countless hours in front of a screen playing games? There are adverse effects of letting your child spend several hours in front of his or her mobile device. This sets up a sedentary lifestyle that they might carry into adulthood.

Sports provide a great way for your child to break gaming addiction and start an active lifestyle. There are many sports out there, but swimming stands out among the rest because of the many advantages it offers participants.

Swimming is the Total Package

Why swimming? You must be asking yourself. This sport has many health benefits that help your child develop a healthy mind and body.

Swimming targets several major and minor muscle groups from the upper to lower body. It exercises the back, shoulders, arms, and chest through the movements made in its strokes. These strokes increase your child’s upper body strength and muscle mass. The legs get equal work whenever your child swims as this sport strengthens the quads and calves and improves lower body strength.

Swimming also improves cardiovascular health. It boosts your child’s respiratory strength and stamina. With the stamina training your child gets in this sport, he or she will be less fatigued during the day and will be able to do their chores without getting tired as easily as before.

Aside from the health benefits your child gets from swimming, he or she also learns life lessons. Swimming programs require discipline as it entails training to master its strokes and learn how to stay calm while in the water. Your child will learn how to stay focused and determined as he or she goes through the different lessons.

The discipline children learn in swimming carries over into daily life. Children will learn how to listen to instructions, obey their parents, do their chores, stay attentive in school, and remain focused as they do their homework.

Joining swimming programs are also an excellent place to meet and make new friends. There are a number of eager kids looking forward to camp to learn how to swim. Your child will be among a group of children all excited to hit the water. Swimming camp build camaraderie in its participants as kids of the same age group learn various swimming strokes and breathing techniques. The shared interest may lead to lifelong friendships outside of swim camp.

Swimming is a holistic sport that provides your child with exercise, training, and possible lifelong friends. Find out more about the benefits of a swimming program by enrolling your kids at Zodiac Swim School.


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