Zodiac Camp: Specialty Program

Zodiac Camp’s Specialty Program provides kids with fun programs. Kids are given half a day enjoying their chosen specialty area and the other half of the day enjoying the other activities that camp has to offer which includes swimming lessons.

Toronto, Ontario (www.zodiaccamp.on.ca)/ 2015/ — Are you looking for a fun activity this coming summer for your kids? Zodiac Camp offers a fun and exciting Specialty Program for kids aged 5 1/2 to 12 1/2.

Zodiac Camp Specialty Program

Zodiac Camp’s Specialty Program is a full day full of fun and activities for campers. The Specialty Program is available to campers who are turning 6 years old in 2015 and have finished SK. The Specialty Program can also serve as an alternative to Zodiac’s Kidvantage Program. Here are some of the inclusions in the Specialty Program:

  1. Free early 7:45 a.m. supervised drop-off program.

  2. Half day of fun and professional supervision in chosen specialty activity. The special activities include: performing arts, science and magic, swimming, tramp sports, media and technology, glee club, and many others!

  3. Camp participants may need to bring their own equipment for their chosen specialty activity. Most supplies and equipment are provided by the camp; potential campers may refer to the website for detailed rental or purchase cost of equipment.

  4. Ongoing evaluation and feedback and session end progress reports for chosen specialty.

  5. Expert and professional instruction in various specialty activities and other chosen programs during camp.

  6. Special programs and themes, morning spirit program, A.M. and P.M. snacks, and catered cold/hot lunch option. Campers can also bring lunch from home.

For more information about the Specialty Program, please visit www.zodiaccamp.on.ca for more detailed information and contact details.

About Zodiac Swim

Zodiac Swim School first opened its doors to the community in 1978 and, since that time, has earned the confidence of thousands of families! Countless children and participants have gained aquatic skills, self-confidence and a love of the water through high-quality, low-ratio Zodiac programming. In addition to excellence in aquatics, the Zodiac name also stands for quality and caring in the summer camp industry. Zodiac Swim & Specialty Camp opened in the summer of 1998.

Zodiac programs provide an enjoyable, unique and challenging opportunity which strongly appeals to kids and parents alike! We offer age-appropriate programming that will build your child’s self-esteem and confidence and enhance his/her personal growth and development.

Media Contact

160 Steeprock Drive

Toronto, Ontario M3J 2T4

Tel: 416 789-1989 x 252

Fax: 416 789-5525



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