Developing Creative Expression in an Art Camp

Is your child showing signs of artistry? These signs may lead to a bright future in painting, writing, or any field related to the arts. To fully unleash your child’s potential you may want to send them to an arts camp. Zodiac Day Camp offers activities and opportunities for your child to tap into his or her inner artist.

What are the benefits of arts camp?

Everyone is an artist but because of lack of mentoring, the artist inside everyone gets neglected and in some cases never reaches its potential. At art camp, your child’s inner artist can be unleashed. With trained and experienced staff your child will be able to fully harness their full potential in the arts.

Fun Activities

At Zodiac Day Camp, your child will be exposed to all sorts of activities related to art. They can join specialty programs such as Creatures & Creativity, Dance, Performing Arts, Glee Club, Media & Technology and more. These classes help your child discover their true passion. Through these activities your child may also determine whether they are best suited for writing, multimedia arts, dance, theatre, drawing, or painting.

Excellent Mentoring

Mentoring is important to budding artists whether they are writers or painters. At art camp, your child will be mentored by an experienced and trained professional. The mentor provides participants with constructive criticism and different techniques to become a better artist.


Art camp would be incomplete without the new friends your child may make. Zodiac Day Camp provides children with the same interests an avenue to create long-lasting friendships. Artists at a young age tend to be shy but with the help of arts camp, they can become more confident and learn how to better express their thoughts, ideas and experiences with other like-minded kids.

Top-Notch Facilities & Equipment

Zodiac Kids Day Camp not only provides participants with excellent coaching, but also the best equipment and facilities to hone each artist’s skills.
Summer camps can be fun for anyone. While the more timid and artistic children may think that camp is all about sports and playing outdoors, institutions such as Zodiac Day Camp have redefined what summer day camps can be. It is for all kids with different interests. The various specialty programs available cater those who are into sports, extreme sports, science, arts, acting, media and technology, swimming and more. The specialty programs of Zodiac Day Camp are for kids aged 5.5 to 12.5 years old. These are full day programs.


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