Swimming Programs for Kids

Swimming is an enriching sport that helps your child learn a lifetime skill, make new friends, and improve their self-confidence. There are different swimming programs for kids that you can find online, but Zodiac Swim School offers comprehensive training and qualified instructors to teach your kids how to swim properly.
The Zodiac Difference
Zodiac Swim School sets itself apart from the competition by offering different swimming programs and experienced instructors that guide children through the program. The instructors make sure that each child does not move up to the next level without mastering the skills of the level they are currently enrolled in. The instructors take time to assist each child on the program and help them learn the basics of swimming.
Zodiac Swim School also offers swimming programs for kidsduring different seasons. If your child is unavailable in the summer, they can join the program during spring, fall, or winter. The swim school are lessons conducted in high quality swimming facilities in Havergal College, Toronto French School, High Park Village, and Forest Hill Collegiate Institute.
Swimming Programs for Kids
Zodiac Swim School has an edge over their competitors because of their diverse swimmingprograms for kids. They have swimming programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level swimmers.
Aquatic Swim Club & Red Cross Swim Kids
The program was designed to help kids learn how to swim and build a solid foundation for the next levels. Swimming techniques and water safety are incorporated into the program. At each level, kids are taught to make safe decisions on, in, and around the water. Kids learn different strokes, and improve their skill on the water using tried and tested swimming techniques.
The swimming programs offered by Zodiac Swim School are further broken down into different tiers based on proficiency and age. There are also swimmingprograms for kids who wish to pursue lifeguarding. For kids who want to achieve higher levels of swimming beyond learning the basics, Zodiac Swim offers a tiered lifeguarding program. The lifeguarding program teaches kids how to make safe decisions for themselves and the person they are trying to rescue. Kids are slowly moved into the next level before they become lifeguards. At each level, kids are taught different swimming strokes, how to stay afloat, submerging in the water, holding their breath, and how to make the right decisions while in the water.
Kids enrolled in the swimming programs are guided every step of the way. An instructor assists them as they submerge in the water, learn new strokes, practice strokes learned, and swim farther distances.

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