Is it the right swim program for you?

Find the right swim program for you based on skill level. Zodiac Swim School offers various programs for all ages.

Swimming is a life skill. Swimming can save lives. These statements are true but a lot of people, including kids, still cannot swim and some cannot even float in the water. Some simply never had the chance to learn. Others have developed a fear of the water. A few are just not interested. If people can just go beyond these reasons and keep in mind that swimming can actually save lives, then more people might realize the importance of swimming to one’s self and to others.

There are swim schools like Zodiac Swim School that makes swimming more interesting. High quality and low-ratio swimming programs are offered at Zodiac Swim School that develop aquatic skills, self-confidence, and love for the water. The programs are for children and adults. This is why a lot of families are encouraged to learn together. There are programs that cater to all ages: from infants to toddlers to teenagers and up to adults. There are levels appropriate for age and skills.

Here are the programs available so you may assess which program fits you or your children:

Toddler Swimming Programs. These programs are designed for infants and toddlers with their caregivers that aim to provide an enjoyable introduction to an aquatic environment. The structure includes enthusiastic play and songs, as well as interactive circle time. Creative and stimulating pool equipment is used to develop skills like hand-eye coordination, roll-overs, breath control, and submersion. The caregivers are the primary facilitators while a swim school instructor leads the class towards individual development. A tadpole program is also available for those whose kids are ready to move on without the help of their caregivers.

Children’s Swimming Programs. The programs are created to provide swimmers with solid and manageable progression of skills from one level to higher ones. The levels are incorporated with tips for decision making skills. The programs aim to point children in the right direction for future skill development if they wish to become instructors and lifeguards as teenagers.

Adult swimming programs. It is never too late to learn how to swim. Zodiac Swim School offers programs for adults even for those who have zero experience in an aquatic environment. The basic program is designed to develop or increase a person’s comfort level. The programs progress as an individual is ready to move on to more advanced strokes and distances.

Swimming is a life long skill. Find the swimming program that best fits your current level, beginner through advanced, because it pays to be able to swim in all kinds of circumstances.

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