Having Fun at Camp

Summer camps offer an endless array of programs to help your child grow, make new friends, build confidence and most of all, to have fun. The best summer camp in Toronto will offer activities that cater to a range of personalities. Whether you child is into arts and crafts, cooking, sports, adventures or science, a well-rounded camp environment should be able to deliver a range of activities for your child.

First off, it is important to understand that there are two types of summer camp available for kids and teens. One is the overnight camp or sleepaway camp, where they will spend a big part of summer in the camp. The other is a day camp, where they go home after the day’s activities are done. Either of these two kinds of camps can be the best summer camp in Toronto for your kids, it really depends on how the camp fits with your needs.

Second, you need to define what a good camp is for your child. There are several factors you can consider for this: caring camp directors, fun and experienced camp staff, top-notch equipment and facilities to name a few. You can consider Zodiac Camp to rank among the best summer camps in Toronto. Not only are their programs age-appropriate, they also cover different skills and interests.

Their current programs include the popular Kid-Vantage and LEAD/CIT programs, Adventure Challenge, Cheerleading, Circus Arts, Creatures & Creativity, Culinary Arts, Dance, Extreme Biking, Fashion Arts, Gymnastics, Horseback Riding, Mega Sports, Film & Media, Rocks, Ropes & Ramps, Science & Magic, Science & Rocketry, Swimming and Tennis specialties. For 2014, they are adding even more opportunities for fun with the new line up such as Lake Sports, Ramps, Science & Technology, Snow Sports and Tramp Sports.

When choosing activities for your child this summer, make sure you involve them in the decision making. Try to focus on what really interests them but suggest mixing it up a bit by introducing new activities to their routine. Summer camps are a great eye-opener for many kids and teens for them to discover hidden talents and to unearth new interests. Encourage them to have an open mind about joining different specialties. Sending your child to the best summer camp in Toronto will make weekends and summers fun, exciting, and filled with memories. Aside from enjoying themselves, they can also forge new friendships and learn important life skills that they will carry with them to adulthood.


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